Text is the priority. Take full control of how your message is displayed throughout your website.


Set all typographic details in all sections and in detail: Font Family, Font Weight, Line Height, Italic, Text Transform, Spacing, Alignment and more.

Font Book

Easily add any desired Font to your Font Book from any possible provider, it will be immediately available in every Carta panel for consistent styling.

Global Settings

Through the Customizer you can customize the Typography aspects of every single section of your website, from the Header to the Footer.

Sub Settings

In Carta, single Posts, Pages, Portfolio Pages and Products feature their own Settings Panel that allows you to set specific and different settings. You can set different Typography options for your Title and Content, but also take it further customizing your Header as well.


All Content Lists can be fully customized, wherever they are displayed. For instance, you can set different Typography settings for titles of your Sticky Posts, Latest Posts, Archive, Search, Portfolios and Lists displayed using Carta Maker elements like Portfolio or Posts are fully customizable too.

Carta Maker

In all elements you’ll find a dedicated and detailed panel for Typography customization. Set your favorite Font by simply selecting one from your Font Book, specify any Font Size, Line Height, Weight, Alignment. You can also set your text to Italics, apply Transformations, Text Shadows, Letter and Word Spacing.