Sub Settings

In Carta every single Post, Page, Portfolio Page and Product feature their own Settings Panel opening a wide range of possibilities for your website. You can highlight a specific page by giving it a different styling and layout, display any Portfolio in it and much more. All through a clear, easy and fast interface.


Create different experiences for specific sections by using different Covers. Carta offers different types of Covers that can be customized in detail, allowing you to introduce your content in exciting ways. Covers can also be completely hidden to make space to your content.

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Featured Media

Besides offering customization options for the Featured Image such as Parallax, Width and Height, Carta also offers the possibility of using a multimedia Gallery instead of a single image.

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Choose what is displayed and where: Featured Image, Title, Categories and Tags, Date, Author and Avatars.


The layout of your Posts, Pages, Portfolio Pages and Product can be completely customized. You can change both Width and Spacing, and display different Sidebars and customize their Width, but also both Horizontal and Vertical Spacing of your Widgets.

Typography and Colors

Customize both Typography and Colors of Titles and Content. You can also go further by changing Colors of your entire website, from Header to Footer.


All aspects of your Navigation can be changed for specific sections of your website. Besides all Global Settings, Carta also offers extra settings. You can display a different Menu, hide Search, Cart, Social Networks, Buttons. The look and feel of the Header can also be fully changed through the Typography and Colors settings.


All Global and Sub Sections can be deactivated for a section of your website. Top Bar, Family Menu, Breadcrumbs Menu, About, Footer. Carta also includes the option of displaying and customizing any Portfolio in any Post, Page, Portfolio Page, Product.


You can also include any Custom and Mobile CSS, Head and Body HTML.