Put your brand into every detail. Carta is built to be flexible and customizable to fit any style.


Change the look and feel of every element that forms the structure of your website. Set Colors for all Text and Headings. Set Backgrounds choosing from options such as Flat, Gradient, Image and even Video.


Add your desired colors through the easy Color Picker or by HEX value. They will be available in all panels for better brand consistency. You can also set a percentage of opacity for semitransparency.

Global Settings

Through the Customizer you can customize the style of every single section of your website, from the Header to the Footer.

Sub Settings

In Carta, single Posts, Pages, Portfolio Pages or Products feature their own Settings Panel that allows you to set specific and different settings. You can give specific sections of your website a different style by changing how the Content is displayed, but also go further customizing the whole website, from Header to Footer.


Carta gives you full Styling control of how your Content Lists are displayed, such as Posts from your Blog or Portfolio Pages from any of your Portfolios. Picking from your Palette you can set different colors for both Titles and Content, but also Backgrounds for boxed-type List Styles such as Sliders.

Carta Maker

Carta Maker gives you all Styling tools necessary to unleash your creativity. All 40+ elements included share all options available in Global Settings, but also many more, such as Video Backgrounds, Shadows, Text Shadows, Animations.