Carta Maker was created to help you visualise and give order to your content. Through the use of drag & drop actions or buttons you can easily and quickly structure and give your content the shape you have in mind. And if you change your mind about something or have made a mistake, you can simply tap a button and go back in time.


All content can be instantly edited through the WordPress time-tested editor, so what you usually add in your Posts or Pages is also supported in all content-related Carta Maker elements.


By simply dragging an element you can position it where you want it to be. You’ll also find contextual buttons that can be used to perform the same actions.


You can easily transfer your elements to different ones through simple drag & drop gestures and action buttons. Besides the basic Rows, Carta Maker includes many container elements such as Columns, Accordions, Tabs.


A quick way to speed your work flow is to duplicate your elements, and in Carta Maker you can do it with a single tap.

Time Travel

Carta Maker allows you to travel through time to undo your actions. If you’ve Deleted, Edited, Positioned, Transfered or Added an element and you regret it, you can undo it with a tap or a keyboard shortcut.