List Customization

Take full control of the list you choose. Set Vertical and Horizontal Spacing, Speed, Controls Size, Featured Images Size. Show or hide Titles, Taxonomies, Author, Avatars, Content, Excerpts and much more. In Carta, all content lists can be completely customized through separate options for all sections, such as Sticky Posts, Latest Posts, Archive, Search, Portfolios.

List Styles

Carta features 35 List Styles covering all kinds of needs. From Sliders to Grids of any type. Display your Blog Posts and Portfolio Pages using the most appropriate layout.

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Spacing and Size

Both Horizontal and Vertical Spacing between each item of your list (such as Posts or Portfolio Pages) can be easily and quickly customized. And Height of List Styles such as Sliders, Slideshows, Glances or Montage can also be customized, including Width for Glances.

Animation and Controls

Dynamic List Styles such as Sliders, Slideshows and Glances offer ad-hoc options to customize their functioning. You can change their Speed by choosing from 5 options, set different Transition Styles and also auto-play Intervals. The Navigation controls like arrows and dots can also be customized by changing their size, and dots can be disabled as well.


All data displayed in your items can be customized or disabled. You can disable or enable your Featured Images and also set a specific Height. You can choose if you want to display Titles, Categories and Tags, Excerpts, Author and Avatars, Dates. Carta also supports full content for limited List Styles.


The layout of all lists can be customized separately, allowing you to achieve different designs for sections of your website. Set different Container Size, Spacing, Text Alignment. All sections also feature separate Widget Sidebars for displaying different Widgets in different layouts, and you can set both Horizontal and Vertical Spacing, Width and Text Alignment.

Typography and Styling

All lists offer Typography and Styling customization options. Set your favorite typography-related options to your Titles. Change both Title and Text color, and Background for boxed styles such as Sliders.


When displaying a content list through Sub Settings or Portfolio and Posts Carta Maker elements, Carta offers even more advanced customization options. You can choose how many items to display, select which Categories or Tags to display, Ordering. You can pick which items to exclude, or the ones you only want to include. All through an easy and simple interface.