All sections feature a fully re-imaginable layout in a way that’s both easy and pixel-precise. All by tapping buttons in a clear user interface.


Each section is wrapped in a container that can be of 3 flexible widths but also a precise pixel amount.


You can easily set any amount of Vertical Spacing for all containers and Horizontal Spacing for full width sizes.


All sections feature dedicated Sidebars for Widgets. Set the Sidebar Width you prefer and both Vertical and Horizontal Spacing for Widgets.

Global Settings

Every single section of your website has a customizable layout that can be easily configured through the Customizer. Your website can be of any width and spaced to any amount, and all components can be adapted to provide a consistent browsing experience.

Sub Settings

In Carta, single Posts, Pages, Portfolio Pages or Products feature their own Settings Panel that allows you to set specific and different settings. A specific section of your website can be configured to use a differently sized and spaced layout to accomodate specific content, or display a Sidebar with different Widgets.


The layout needed to display your content can change drastically depending on its nature. Carta gives you all customization options necessary to fit your needs. All content listed throughout your website, such as your Posts or Portfolio Pages, can be contained and spaced differently and display different Sidebars.

Carta Maker

Carta Maker allows you to start from scratch when designing your content, setting no limits to your creativity. All elements are contained in rows which can be sized independently, offering all options available in Carta’s Global and Sub Settings. It makes it super easy to create a consistent and clear layout.