Idle Menus

Carta puts great importance on your website’s navigation, especially for handheld devices. You can choose from 4 different menus to use, and you can also display it at all times if you wish. This menu is just as detailed as the Header and shares most of its settings.


When opened, the Below style expands below your Header while keeping your content always accessible.

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The Cover style is displayed at full screen and offers great visibility to your navigation.

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The Pop style opens a small but easily accessible menu just below the menu opener. Like the Below menu it keeps the rest of your website visible.

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The Side style slides from either the Right or Left side depending on the Positioning of your Menu.

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All aspects of the Idle Menu are customizable through the Typography and Styling options, and more. Carta offers extra options to customize this menu, such as the option to customize the label of the menu opener and select whether to include or not Extra Menu Items.