Header Positioning

The header is a key element of any website’s branding, and Carta makes it easy to change every single component to make sure it fits your needs. The position of the items in your Header can be quickly changed, and the Header itself can also be placed in different sides of the page.

Logo, Tagline and Menu

Both Logo and Menu can be placed in 3 different positions: Left, Center and Right. All you have to do is select one and Carta will take care of the rest. For instance, Extra Menu Items such as the Search or Social Networks, will automatically switch to the most optimal position. Carta also fully supports Taglines which can also be positioned in two positions: Below the Logo or After the Logo.

Explore Possibilities

Side Header

Besides the Top position, your Header can also be positioned on the Left and Right side of the page. Carta also allows you to change the size of the Header selecting from 4 options.

Explore Possibilities