Header Attachment

Besides the Static position, you can choose from two more options: Fixed and Aware. The Fixed header always follows and the Aware appears only when scrolling up. Carta also includes an option for displaying your Header above the rest of the content for more seamless designs.


The Aware attachment option makes your Header scroll-aware. The Header will sit at the top of the page, but when the user starts to scroll to the top, the Header will swiftly appear from above to make your Navigation quickly available.

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The Fixed attachment option will make your Header always visible. When your user starts to scroll past the Header (if you use a Top Bar or Header Media) it will automatically detach and remain visible at all times.

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Carta gives you all necessary Styling and Spacing options to make your Header more dynamic. For instance, you can set different Background and Vertical Spacing to use when your Header is Fixed or Static.

Above Content

Besides the classic Attachment options, Carta also can display the Header above the rest of the content, allowing for dynamic and seamless designs.

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