All 40+ elements available in Carta Maker can be customized to a deep level of detail and precision with dedicated and universal settings. Customize their look by setting Margin, Padding, Animations, Backgrounds, Shadows, Typography and much more.


The spacing of all your elements can be easily and quickly configured, in detail. Set both Margin and Padding for all four sides: Top, Right, Bottom, Left.


Carta Maker allows you to create different styles for your elements by offering many options to customize their look. You can set a Reveal Animation to make elements appear when visible by selecting from more than 15+ effects and fine-tune it by choosing both speed and transition style. You can set a Flat, Gradient, Image and even Video backgrounds with Parallax support. You can set detailed Shadows, Borders for all sides, Rounding and more.


In all elements you’ll find a dedicated and detailed panel for Typography customization. Set your favorite Font by simply selecting one from your Font Book, specify any Font Size, Line Height, Weight, Alignment. You can also set your text to Italics, apply Transformations, Text Shadows, Letter and Word Spacing.


Beyond the settings that allow you to customize their look, you’ll find many dedicated settings made specifically for each element. From the space between Columns to the query of a Portfolio.