Button Styles

Buttons are a crucial part of every website, and Carta makes it easy to make them part of your branding. You can create any number of styles by using many options that cover all aspects of each button, and Carta also includes many styles you can quickly pick from.

Button Style Creator

Through the Customizer you can create any number of Button Styles to use throughout your website. Each style can be defined by many options, such as Background (Flat or Gradient), Font, Text Size, Font Weight, Text Spacing, Shadows (which can act as borders as well), Rounding. Carta also allows you to control how each style looks when hovered or pressed.

Included Styles

Carta includes many Button Styles to include in your designs. They share all options available through the Button Style Creator and show what you can achieve using it.

Browse Button Styles

Carta Maker

All Button Styles are always available in all your Carta Maker pages through the Button element, and they can also be customized even more through Carta Maker’s Spacing, Appearance and Typography settings.


Your Button Styles can also be used in your Shop by using them for your Shop and Product Add To Cart buttons.