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The Better Way

Carta is truly all-in-one. It does not require you to install more stuff from other sources, all its features are included and ready.

Effective Design

A confusing, slow website wastes your opportunities. Carta is focused on what really works: readability, speed, simplicity.


Text is the priority. Take full control of how your message is displayed throughout your website.


Set all typographic details in all sections and in detail: Font Family, Font Weight, Line Height, Italic, Text Transform, Spacing, Alignment and more.

Font Book

Easily add any desired Font to your Font Book from any possible provider, it will be immediately available in every Carta panel for consistent styling.

Google Fonts
Adobe Typekit


Put your brand into every detail. Carta is built to be flexible and customizable to fit any style.


Change the look and feel of every element that forms the structure of your website. Set Colors for all Text and Headings. Set Backgrounds choosing from options such as Flat, Gradient, Image and even Video.


Add your desired colors through the easy Color Picker or by HEX value. They will be available in all panels for better brand consistency. You can also set a percentage of opacity for semitransparency.


All sections feature a fully re-imaginable layout in a way that’s both easy and pixel-precise. All by tapping buttons in a clear user interface.


Each section is wrapped in a container that can be of 3 flexible widths but also a precise pixel amount.


You can easily set any amount of Vertical Spacing for all containers and Horizontal Spacing for full width sizes.


All sections feature dedicated Sidebars for Widgets. Set the Sidebar Width you prefer and both Vertical and Horizontal Spacing for Widgets.


The header is a key element of any website’s branding, and Carta makes it easy to change every single component to make sure it fits your needs.

Extra Menu Items

Beyond showing your Menu, Carta makes it easy to add extra items to it. Add any number of Buttons using any Button Style. Show your Social Networks, Search and Shop Cart.


Besides the Static position, you can choose from two more options: Fixed and Aware. The Fixed header always follows and the Aware appears only when scrolling up.

Smart Dropdowns

Carta features a new, fully customizable Dropdown Menu. All you have to do is add items to your Menu and it will automatically switch position and adapt size to fit all of them.

Idle Menus

You can choose from 4 different menus to use, and you can also display it at all times if you wish. This menu is just as detailed as the Header and shares most of its settings.


One layout does not fit all types of content. Using Carta you can choose from a wide variety of List Styles and easily customize every detail.

35 List Styles

Carta features 35 List Styles covering all kinds of needs. From Sliders to Grids of any type. Display your Blog Posts and Portfolio Pages using the most appropriate layout.


Take full control of the list you choose. Set Vertical and Horizontal Spacing, Speed, Controls Size, Featured Images Size. Show or hide Titles, Taxonomies, Author, Avatars, Content, Excerpts and much more.


Blog Posts and Portfolio Pages fully support Filtering. Choose a List or Modal display layout. Filter by Categories, Tags or both. You can also pick out which ones to exclude.

Carta Maker

Carta is not just a Theme, it’s also a Plugin.
Using Carta Maker you can easily design web pages through a bird-eye view of your content.


Carta Maker makes web design fun. Without any coding knowledge you can easily create fast web pages of any type.

A fresh, extremely easy to use interface with drag & drop actions makes it easy to visualize and manipulate your content.


Carta Maker opens a world of possibilities offering a wide variety of elements that can be deeply customized while also keeping things simple.

40+ Elements

Choose from more than 40 elements, each one with very different qualities and covering most contemporary user interface patterns used in website design.

Deep Customization

All elements can be customized to a deep level of detail and precision. From the space between Columns to the query of a Portfolio. Customize their look setting Spacing, Styling, Typography and much more.


Carta Maker includes several Templates to use playground to start, but you can also create your own to speed up your workflow by saving pages or single rows.

Carta fully supports WooCommerce by making unobtrusive and precise adjustments, resulting in a future-proof and consistent integration.


Control your Shop’s style, even for specific products. Choose your own style for Add to Cart buttons through Carta’s Button Style creator. Stylize Cart and Sale badges.


Enable the included Cart Lightbox to make the contents of the user’s Cart available in any page through the Header, and select from 12 Icons to fit your shop’s nature.


Carta makes sure that your content is displayed in the most user-friendly way and is understandable to everyone.

Responsive & Retina

Your layout will swiftly adapt to your users’ screen size, from desktop to handheld, and your images are displayed at optimal sizes on high pixel density devices. Carta also supports SVGs for Logo, Icons and all included Icon Sets, which always display shapes crisply.

Translation & RTL

All text can be translated in your favorite language and Carta Maker pages are stored as normal content, so multi-language Plugins can be used as well. Special care is also provided for Right to Left languages (RTL), which are supported in both Admin and Site.


By using mainly in-house resources and not relying on external plugins, Carta results in a solid and efficient system that provides an immediate experience.

Smart Images

Carta displays sharp images while also respecting your hosting’s resources. Using only WordPress APIs it automatically displays the correct image sizes depending on the device your users are using. It also supports WP Smush for even better results.


Carta and Carta Maker combined and uncompressed weight less than a medium-sized image. All CSS styling code is always stored compressed and never generated on the fly. In total, Carta loads only from 1 to 2 CSS files and 2 Javascript files.

It’s free, forever.

It’s really easy.

And you can always get quick help through step-by-step tutorials and more.

This website was made without any coding using Carta
Created by Stefano Giliberti